WinPilot Features

  Adv Pro
Airport Information pages including runway dimensions, surface, and radio frequencies
Free Aviation Database including Special Use Airspace updated every 28 days
Runway Diagrams (including centerline)
Integration between Desktop PC and Pocket PC, including task and file transfer 
Color Vector Terrain Maps
Altitude Above Ground ('Radar Altimeter')
Thermal Finder
Touch-screen moving map
North-Up, Track-Up, or Goal-Up map orientations
Special Use Airspace and Terrain  shown on the map in color
SUA Warnings when approaching horizontally and Vertically
SUA Audio and Visual Warnings
SUA can be disabled/enabled from the map screen
Option to disable any SUA for a day, or 3 minutes
SUA Alert shows the vertical and horizontal distance between the glider and airspace
Hands-Off Final Glide to all airports on the map 
Arrival Labels (reachable airports shown in a distinct way)
Task Editor - 26 Tasks x 16 Turnpoints
  Turnpoints sorting by Name, Id, Attribute, or Distance
  ETA to final destination
  Final Glide and ETA visible while editing a a task 
Area turnpoints (as per FAI Sporting Code sec.3, annex A)
Transfer logger's IGC files to Palm-PC and Flash Card
IGC-Format Flight Recorder with 1-second fix rate
IGC File Viewer
IGC File Playback
Final Glide around all turnpoints
   Final Glide at different MC settings to the next Turnpoint
   Final Glide at different MC settings to final goal
Graphical Final Glide display
Final Glide shows Altitude Required to reach a goal
Final Glide shows Arrival Altitude 
One-touch pop-up boxes describing turnpoints and airspace on the map
User configurable navigation display (Nav-boxes) on the map screen
One-touch GoTo turnpoint activation 
Wind calculation during circling
Wind calculation in straight flight
Instant Headwind/Tailwind indicator updated every second
3D Wind Display
User-selectable font size for text on the map
Auto-Zoom when approaching a task turnpoint
Auto-Advance to the next task turnpoint upon reaching the current one
Auto-Advance uses fixes that have been recorded by the logger
GPS-fixes shown on the map
Different depiction of GPS-fixes that have been recorded by the logger
Flight Declaration transfer to and from Volkslogger
Turnpoint sector shown on the map
Competition Start-Gates (cylinder, straight line, arc)
Start-Gate for FAI tasks (badges, records)
Easily selectable Turnpoint, Airspace and Polar files
Multiple task files per soaring site
Climb Maximizer showing where to move the glider to maximize climb rate
Average lift in the current thermal
Average lift in all thermals
Diagram of average climb strength in the current thermal 
Input of Ballast, Bugs, and MC from rotary knobs  
Unlimited Number of Turnpoints
Turnpoint files for almost all soaring sites in the World
Airspace Files for several locations available free of charge
Ground Features (lakes, roads, etc. )depiction
Speed To Fly at different MC settings
Speed To Fly at MC setting selected in the B50  
Whole Task and Single Leg Statistics
Simulator Mode
Flights can be played back in the Simulator
Customizable Menu Page Layout - all functions can be assigned to 
buttons of different size and location, depending on a given pilot's
preference and frequency of use
Customizable Menu Text - text on all Menu buttons  can be customized
by the pilot, in the language of pilot's choice 
(predefined, non-English menu pages available)
Different colors / shades of gray for different airspace types
Software can be installed / upgraded via email
FAI triangle calculation (28% rule)

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